Title: Adventure Time: Hey Ice King? Why’d you Steal our Garbage?
Publisher: D3P
Platform: DS
Genre: Action Adventure
Release Date: 11/20/2012
Overview: Finn and Jake’s trash is the Ice King’s treasure in this game based on the hit Cartoon Network series. Enter the madcap world of Adventure Time and go on an oddball quest for garbage-driven revenge. Jake and Finn have been tossing their burrito wrappers, unfinished bananas, and chicken diapers as usual. They don’t care what happens to their trash after that, until the Ice King steals it to build a Garbage Princess! Play as Jake and Finn in side-scrolling and overhead action in a storyline from Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward. Journey across the Land of Ooo, finding treasures, exploring dungeons and generally kicking butt.

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